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Medicine Cabinet has been an independent for over 30 years. We’re successful because we care about providing our patients with fast, quality services catered to their needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff make your experience anything but typical. We accept most insurances and bill Medicare and other insurances for medical equipment, including; diabetic supplies, walkers, wheelchairs, ostomy supplies, nebulizer medications and much more. In addition to pharmacy needs, we carry compression stockings, cold remedies, vitamins and many over the counter items. 

Fill your prescriptions with us and get the peace of mind that comes from working with an independent pharmacy.

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Surgical & Durable Medical Equipment

Medicine Cabinet Pharmacy employs services dedicated to providing the best most comprehensive care to our patients, doctors, and neighbors. From surgical equipment to walkers we have it all. We also provide all the services you’d expect from your neighborhood pharmacy including refills and transfers, medication therapy management and more.

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Refill or Transfer Prescriptions. Refilling or transferring your prescriptions is easy, we do most of the work so you can rest easier.

Surgical Equipment. From mobility to beds, we have a selection of surgical supplies built to last.

Medication Adherence. Taking medication correctly is instrumental to the effectiveness of treatment. Make use of our medication adherence program.

MTM Services. Medication Therapy Management is a suite healthcare service geared toward improving patient medication adherence and therapeutic counseling.

Flu Shots & Immunizations. Influenza is a serious disease that can lead to hospitalization and every flu season is different. Keep yourself and your family healthy with immunizations shots.

Wellness Consultation. Finding medication and providing services that cater to individual patient needs is vital to improving patient health and wellness. Contact us to start a dialog today.

All Your Wellness Needs

As a comprehensive service, Medicine Cabinet offers over the counter products for minor health care and for convenience needs. Our pharmacy provides first-name, individualized, neighborly service that you won’t often get at large chain stores.

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Pain Medication & Vitamins

Cold & Allergy Meds

Contraceptive Aids

Feminine Hygiene Products

Oral Health Products

First Aid Items

Just The Way You Like It

We are proud to say that we are the best compounding pharmacy in the area. It is our specialty. For more information on our compounding services and how to get your medication in an easy-to-digest gummy, spray, or lozenge, talk to us today!

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HOW DO I START THE COMPOUNDING SERVICE? - Just talk to us and tell us what medications you are on, and we will tell you the options available for compounding, and recommend the right dosage type for you.

DO YOU OFFER DIFFERENT FLAVORS? - Of course! If you have a child and they have a favorite flavor of gummy, let us know, and we will see what we can do!

CAN I COMBINE MORE THAN ONE MEDICATION? - Depends on the medication, some mix, some don't. Ask us and we will see what we can do to get the number of medications you are on to a reasonable, manageable level.

Specialty Diabetic Care

Diabetic footwear, hardware, medications and more. We’re here to make sure you feel comfortable, secure and well. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us by following the link below.

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Medicine Cabinet Pharmacy offers top-quality, comfortable footwear for diabetic patients, as well as Insulin Pumps, Sleep Apnea, Ostomy and Urology products. We stock products from the leading brands, along with personalized service, resources and information from specially trained representatives. We provide convenience, reliability and customer support as a true partner in your continuing care.

Find the right fit for you

Are you tired of making a pill box each week? We have some solutions: you can choose to have your medications packaged in vials, single dose blister packs, multi-dose blister packs, or pouch packaging. Let’s find the right one for you.

How do you want your medication packaged?  Do you want to continue receiving your medications in Vials? You have more options than you think.

Have you ever heard of multi-dose blister packs?  Imagine a calendar card that holds the pills for the day sorted by the time your dose is due. Would this make your life easier?

Have you ever heard of Strip Packaging? This method will provide you with a single box that dispenses your medications in order you are supposed to take them. So one January 1st the first does is Jan 1st 8am, then Jan 1st noon, Jan 1st 5PM etc…


The strength of Medicine Cabinet Pharmacy is understanding that clarity and respect are the best starting point to offer better services to patients.

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